An undiscovered treasure of heritage and history in Qatar makes it arguably one of the most experiential countries in the Middle East for Islamic culture. From the elegant and extravagant capital city of Doha to the interiors, which offer an unmatched introduction to the Arab civilization, the country encompasses sophistication and localization with surprising ease.

Basic Facts

Islam is the religion of majority in Qatar. Other religions are represented by the immigrant communities and represent about 22 percent of the population.The official language spoken is Arabic. However, English is also widely spoken and understood due to the large influx of non-Qatari communities from South and South-East Asia.

Qatar has a dry, subtropical desert climate, with low annual rainfall and intensely hot and humid summers. The average temperature from June to August is around 42ºC but it’s not unusual for the mercury to reach a high of 50ºC. In the winter months, temperatures are cooler but still warm, with the average around 23ºC from December to February.


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